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About Us


I specialize in the restoration of carburetors with over 12 years of experience. I am a former employee of Pony Carburetors so I learned from the best. I perform all of the work myself to ensure you get the best quality product I can give. I live in Minoa, New York and the work is performed at my home shop.

I offer a full restoration service. Your carburetor will go through a 12 step process to achieve the highest quality results. Each and every carburetor is disassembled to component level, cleaned, polished, and replated in gold zinc before it goes into the assembly process. Each and every part is checked for correctness during the disassembly process. I plate every carburetor I restore with zinc-dichromate as it was from the factory. The zinc not only looks good, but it also protects the steel pieces from rusting. I will require your engine size, cam specs, and any modifications you have made to your motor for proper calibration. I get the settings very close, but you will need to make minor adjustments during installation. Every carburetor is warrantied for as long as you own your vehicle. Once your carburetor arrives it will be evaluated and I will call you for more information and payment. Please make sure to include your contact information.

Restoration Prices


Autolite 1100/1101 - $165

Autolite 2100 - $165

Autolite 4100 - $200

Autolite 4300 - $235

Holley 4150/4160 - $285

Holley 1940 - $185

Please ask about all other models. Pricing is based on you sending me your core with all of the correct pieces. Missing or incorrect parts will have an added charge.  Prices do not include return shipping. I can supply you with a core if you do not have the correct core. Prices vary depending on make, model, and availability. I do accept Paypal, credit cards, and money orders for payment.